Revitalizing culture and industry without protest, hate, or polarization

We’re living in a time of growing resolve. From right-wing groups decreeing that socialism has swept the capitalistic agenda, to wishing defiance against a financial structure which undermines that every day worker, to the Middle East striving to experience the same dreams that everyone has been grow up hoping for, and food shortage protests often being unreported in many other regions, this is a time when people’s voices are rising around the world.

A universal right of humanity, your voice should and must be heard for a sense of self to exist. It’s an exciting time when these actions are being broadcast internationally and spreading in a way never seen before. The true question is less about the volume of these unified voices but more so about the fundamental beliefs that back them. There is nothing to question about the causes they support, there is only questioning the intent each of these groups in fact have in searching for a unified vision of the world that will unify cultures.

What do we believe today?

What to we believe is in control of our self of validation?

Who do we believe is in control?

What do we believe our part in the regional and global context is?

Arguing over political systems and financial policy is one for network pundits to make. The true panel discussion that is escaping the world and these divergent protests is the one that uncovers what we truly believe about ourselves and our neighbours around the planet. Challenging thought and policy is a fundamental right but are we so truly hell bent on self-gratification,  polarization, and power that we have earned the right not to think about the future as an all-inclusive vision? These are a times when visions can rise to levels never before felt in humanity, so why are the voices focused on criticism instead of bridging divides for the sake of futuristic expression?



Yes, capitalism as a system has become undermined by socialist thought.

Yes, the current financial system is completely disproportionate to the clear majority.

Yes, the Middle East has been fed a Western vision pro porting the virtues of individualization.

Yes, the world is slowly coming to terms with the fact that our resources, be it energy or food are not scalable or sustainable to meet the demands of a world unable to quench its thirst. Yes, these are times when protest, hate, polarization are sweeping public agendas because people have a voice. These are times when the challenges we will all be facing are coming closer and closer and the powerful in each group are demanding they be addressed. So why then are we not working together to find a solution for humanity instead of for your self-interest? Why then is the oppression of one group the only viable remedy for your need to never look back?

This is about humanity and the only unifier is love of self, love of your community, and love for your world. It’s not about building a spiritual vision, this is about finding the lowest common denominator in our challenging pursuits and that is the energy, love, compassion, nurturing that only people can give one another. It breaches the restrictions of religions, the dogma of politics, and the perceived personal standards of classes.

Bridging these divides requires a pursuit of idealistic futurism and the belief that each and every person is pursuing the beliefs they value most. We’re trapped in a negative feedback today which is holding each and every one of us back from optimal performance and from true vision. It’s brought on by a culture that circumvents inner passions for the sake of a salary, which leads to a disengaged work force and companies determined to cut instead of instating mentoring programs. It’s brought on by a media culture that has fed on the idea of individualization and increasing your wealth, leading to the nightmarish disassociation of people from the communities and families that they need and resonate with most. It’s brought on by a population who have been ingrained with wants instead of beliefs. It’s brought on by a sense that no one hears our voice and the need to be as loud as possible, only to be turned into carefully orchestrated hateful tirades and discussions on news programs. It’s brought on by the most powerful country in the world losing sight of what took the nation to such prominence and the slow decay of every single person’s belief in regaining those glories from the past.

This is all a question answered by a simple question in itself: What do you believe in?

In such a simple question and pursuit of inner passion, we will see the unifying characteristics of people.The United States is in a depression, a depression of systemic social proportions but it is treatable. Much like the US, the classic cultures of Italy, Spain, Greece continue to be stuck in a sense of entitlement which holds them back from adapting, and leads to a pseudo state of social denial. Just like the United States collectively entered that depressing in unison, it’s rise, and that of the world as a whole can be achieved and re-vitalize human culture.

Futurism was a hot topic during the revolutionizing eras of the 1910′s, 1950′s, 60′s and 80′s but fizzled as each successive technological evolution failed to breach expansive social change. Today it must rise in a way like never before. As we sit here disillusioned by the idea of cultural metamorphosis, it is the ideal time to challenge futuristic visions of social change driven by people instead of technology. Technology was never meant to change who we are, just as social media was not meant to effect change. They are tools that embraced your passion to create vision, not the other way around.

Revitalizing culture and industry without protest, hate, or polarization is possible. It requires embracing the formative ideals that led people through the most socially evolutionary periods. It requires each and every one of us to dig to the core of what unifies each religion and which enacts such powerful personal and community connects from them.

Built on the ideals of unified community, obligations to one another, a connection to your environment, a visionary look at an idealistic future, and the pursuit of pure connection, they personify the beliefs that interlink the core of what it is to be human. Today we’ve all lost touch with the fundamental core of what humanity is biochemically and emotionally built upon.

The latest MacBook Pro, hot concert tickets, trip to a resort, and retro designer dress might be what you want, but none of which are part of your fundamental core of beliefs. People will never be happy if their pursuit is self-indulgence and self-aggrandizing or having the loudest voice. We’re too advanced of a species (or maybe we’re actually in year 2 of a beautiful lifetime of evolution) to ignore the corporal need for love and give love that is embedded in our very being. Unfocussed protests, hate, and polarization are all extremely effective conflict-generating tools but none can ever unify people because the are fundamentally based on the wrong beliefs.

Revitalizing culture will happen one generation at a time through the youngest and it will happen by instilling a culture of inspiring beliefs instead of using wants as motivational tools.

Without a doubt, this as presented is a very simplistic look at a very complex challenge, but please imagine this: youth actively engaged in community affairs from an early age to take the weight of civic budgets; corporations supporting work-from-home programs and participating in government credit programs by loaning employees to national and charity programs; financial institutions built upon loaning based on long term sustainable vision and core beliefs instead of short term ROI; communities which once were only linked geographically now being linked by an intricate regional economy, diverse cultures and workforces linked through cross-cultural ideal-cultivating panels, highly engaged members because of improved quality of life though reduced commuting and expanding social return on social work; government dedicated to inspiring future hope instead of current fear.

This is not a time to fear, it is a time of immense evolution and hope for society. Embrace the diversity and range of challenges to make it even more clear how far we have come from our natural humanistic state. Built your set of fundamental beliefs devoid of restrictive molds like religion or politics and you will see exactly where and what you seek unification for. This is a time for idea creation and innovation that rises to face the challenges of today and inspire generations to come.

It’s time to start asking yourself, ‘What do you Believe in?’




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