Infographics as a PR, SEO, retention, and acquisition tool

Sometimes the best way to make anything pop out of the marketing white noise is to truly take on topics people are talking about and to use iconic pop culture imagery as a way to expand that reach to new levels. That’s exactly what i did for Top Bet where taking the sports conversation into the pop culture realm brought in some startling results.


Our campaign mashed up iconic cultural references from ‘The Big Lebowski,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ with the most talked about sports stories of the moment to turn them into viral pieces. Infographics showcasing shocking sports insights and stats were also tied into these packages and became a key tool for expanding social reach and our inbound link GTA5 coverprogram.

Quickly the program generated media partnerships on large networks (, TerezOwens, and became highly shared within our own community. And in the sports world jumping on these stories first and in the most entertaining way earns you plenty of respect and some key buzz because the shocking reality is most competitors rarely step out of a very conservative approach to social content.

Engagement is key here so each piece must drive conversation and must showcase a brand’s determination to becoming an innovative content producer, not a follower. It helped SEO, customer retention, brand recognition, and helped acquire new customers.








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