“Working with Arpy at both BetUS and ICrystal/G-Fed Games was a pleasure. Sure, the campaigns and strategies he managed were successful. Outside his careful planning based on high level business goals, his ability to empathize with and understand customer was the real value. Analysis of customer behavior and evolution of interactivity were of key interest to Arpy. His core strengths are in long-term planning, program development, campaign analysis and working with multiple deadlines. All while juggling the marketing, business, and product demands of an international organization. Phew! I can honestly say that I learned more from being around Arpy and being part of his initiatives than anyone else. As a colleague he was always a great team player and fun to be around. I’m very confident he can bring a lot any organization and he will excel when put in a position to effect innovation related to products and customers. If ever I have the chance to work with (or for!) Arpy, I would be excited to do so.” July 19, 2010

Julian Walmsley, Director of Retention, H Street Media

“The past 9 years working with Arpy have been great.  He is a highly motivated, well organised individual that goes beyond expectations to deliver.  The list of productions that we have worked on and put together were strongly molded by his sense of leadership and overall realization of what it took to make sure all bases were fully covered. I am very confident in Arpy’s ability to take on any project that he feels confident about.  I would highly recommend adding Arpy to any team of serious professionals.” September 2, 2010

Carlo Giusto, Owner of Shine Nightclub and Tigerstone Entertainment

“Arpy was extremely good at putting together player retention plans. His in depth knowledge of the sports bettors psyche was a huge asset in compiling effective campaigns and building systems and processes to manage those campaigns. Arpy will challenge you and make you better” March 24, 2009

Jeff Dye, Sports Business Manager, Morris Mohawk Financial Group

“Arpy is an organized, consummate professional who leaves no detail to chance. His strategic vision and a thorough knowledge of his team lend stability to whatever project he is working on, and constantly achieves results.” March 9, 2009

Patrick Lok, Account Coordinator – Optimum Public Relations, Cossette

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