Hit the Corporate Jackpot with Contests

Contests and sweepstakes may have been your parents weekly routine along with buying cigarettes and catching a ballgame but today they are one of the most savvy marketing tools businesses have available.  Even more important, contests and sweepstakes can act as the most cost-effective customer insight, loyalty, and social media tool within your corporate retention strategy.

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Product Advocacy Management System & Strategic Solution


A major software company has an beautifully complex dilemma: Our main customers love the product so much that they drive most of our sales, even though we don’t pay them to. Wish you had that problem don’t you? Well the main issue at hand is how to nurture this product advocacy and more importantly, evaluate every internal program budgeted to effect increases to that figure. Continue reading

Customer Retention Strategy: Innovation

Everyone that I work with comes to me to solve for a very key business purpose: we want to increase our business’ revenue without increasing our budget.

As contradictory as this may be, the reality is this: every business either must invest in infrastructure that redefines and optimizes each essential element of the customer experience to drive down budgetary marketing spends in the future, or define operational costs that drive customer retention. Continue reading

Hyper-Customized Activities for Hi-Tech Conference

Client: Cansecwest.com SecWest.com

Its a definite challenge bringing 500 professionals from all over the world, from an age range as wide as 22 to 55, who’s favourite activities are impossible to decipher because many are intellectual introverts, and where some some extremely conservative interests and some have the wildest fantasies you can imagine. Welcome to the world of Internet Security Professionals, aka Hackers and to Canada’s largest Internet Security Conference: CanSecWest 11.

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The 3 Levels of Automated Marketing Architecture

Architecture is fascinating. From it’s inter-weaving constructs, to its cultural influence, and how materials interlink in varying styles to create artistic forms with purpose, Architecture is one of the most complex hand-made achievements of humanity. It took until I left architecture school to finally understand one of it’s most complex dimensions, the 6th dimension for some, is the complexity that links business demands, legislation, and cost controls with form. In this complexity, the inspiration exists that will make even the smallest of marketing teams able to manage tens of thousands of customers.

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Think Architecture. Re-Think Marketing.


There’s always been a clear cultural indicator of a society’s full spectrum of aspirations, decadence, injustices, and iconic moments. Before the printed word, Da Vinci and Palladio’s architectural monuments made those statements, but since the 1960s, Marketing has encompassed all of these ethereal qualities.

Interior of Rome's Pantheon

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Using Marketing White Noise in your favour

Even one of the brightest minds in the world of strategist branding pointed it out: we’re in an “Era of White Noise.” While he might not be ready to accept the idea that media today is flawed, Noah Brier, is one of the brightest minds in developing Internet cross-channel strategies that turn inept mid-Twentieth Century direct mail concepts and turn them into truly community or micro-community programs. His claim to fame is the Brand Tags project which researches brand perception based on immediate impression. What do you feel about the hundreds of brands you see on a daily basis, if only given seconds? While it’s power is of most value to the brands that emphatically wish to change their perception amongst the masses, the experiment in reality is an analysis of which brands have strong enough connections to your lives, so as not to be lost in the white noise that is the average daily life that’s flooded by 3000 brand impressions.

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The Marketing and Strategic Trends for 2011

What’s 2011 going to look like for your business and what new marketing trends will key your success this upcoming year? They’re the sort of questions every business poses itself, especially considering the majority of owners are going from a soft financial year to a much more optimistic one.  TrendWatching.com has compiled their list of ‘Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011,’ so let’s take a look at those and see how we can start earning your business more money. Continue reading

10 Reasons great events will earn you more money

Don’t get stuck in the old way of thinking about events: meetings, conventions, exhibitions, meet & greets. The days of your event budget being eaten by a simple venue/space booking to set-up your pop-up display and then quickly tear it down a few days later are over. The changes that have happened and proven to bring the best results are being used by everyone from Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, Blackberry, Nintendo, and progressive banks. The event revolution started primarily in the ultra-competitive beverage and highly restricted tobacco industries but now Austria-based Red Bull, who seemingly are the biggest upstart story of the last decade, is the standard-bearer of perfectly executed event strategies.

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How to improve customer loyalty during a recession

Even with recent up-ticks in the economic data, you know your business can do better and you need to do everything possible to increase your sales. Tough times demand tough solutions… well not really. The solution I always advocate for and consistently see the best results coming from: improving the customer experience; maximizing customer strategic programs. Figure out your customer and you’ll figure out your business.

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