Magazine development and publishing, quarterly

Client: / Insiders Betting Digest

The power and effect well-crafted direct mail pieces can make is breath-taking for the marketing world. The staying power, referrals generated, and customer added value can resonate and become the key component of your customer marketing strategy. For BetUS, creating and publishing this series of sports magazine as a free service became central to shifting from a service company to a sports culture provider.

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Conference closing VIP and talent production in Montreal


Making a big splash can be one of the most thrilling, rewarding, and challenging things you can do. For Gambling Federation, that is exactly what I created as part of the GIGSE conference to show the entire industry how this company had stepped up and is now competing with the top tier. Both branding and networking exercise, the event campaign’s staying power generated invaluable business and leads.

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The motivation, process, and insight required to ‘Make Ideas Happen’

Turning idea into reality is one of the most challenging parts of any career or life decision we face, but it also is what separates innovators from the private geniuses who never pass along their knowledge. Many sociological theories continue to push forward the thesis that true ingenuity and societal evolution only occurs by the  progression of idea in mass via the natural refinement and alternate viewpoints that only a group can bring. So true genius in this light comes from the people who have the fortitude and desire to challenge norms by bringing new ideas to a point of public dissection. Many of us who work in the marketing/services/production/hi-tech fields all fear this point, but in reality, this is the point when we have either made a true contribution to society, or simply added to the white noise of failing ideas that flood the market, typical either unseen or essentially forgotten.

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Product launch & Premiere Event campaign for Benson & Hedges

Client: Benson & Hedges, Caprice, Sonar, Richards

Challenges breed the most powerful solutions. Limited by restrictions on traditional marketing, choosing to connecting directly with the customer in highly charged, highly visceral experiences, would bring the brand more equity than any other option. The Gold Club series took the brand from strictly product to cultural icon by association to the some of the best cultural memories many of the 7500 guests had.

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