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Revitalizing culture and industry without protest, hate, or polarization

We’re living in a time of growing resolve. From right-wing groups decreeing that socialism has swept the capitalistic agenda, to wishing defiance against a financial structure which undermines that every day worker, to the Middle East striving to experience the same dreams that everyone has been grow up hoping for, and food shortage protests often being unreported in many other regions, this is a time when people’s voices are rising around the world.

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Think Architecture. Re-Think Marketing.


There’s always been a clear cultural indicator of a society’s full spectrum of aspirations, decadence, injustices, and iconic moments. Before the printed word, Da Vinci and Palladio’s architectural monuments made those statements, but since the 1960s, Marketing has encompassed all of these ethereal qualities.

Interior of Rome's Pantheon

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How to improve customer loyalty during a recession

Even with recent up-ticks in the economic data, you know your business can do better and you need to do everything possible to increase your sales. Tough times demand tough solutions… well not really. The solution I always advocate for and consistently see the best results coming from: improving the customer experience; maximizing customer strategic programs. Figure out your customer and you’ll figure out your business.

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Evolution through Synthesis and the challenges of loyalty in the workplace

Life has these amazing moments that seem to laugh right back at you, sometimes through an aura of manipulative irony.

How could I have ended up in the exact same place, feeling the exact same way that I did 10 years ago? But the truth is exactly that, some part of you inherently is drawn to a routine of reactions and a routine of desired stimuli at times of high stress or trauma-  that’s exactly what happened. Loosely wrapped within all of this is the idea of growth, ritual, education, and the power of synthesis as it relates to personal evolution.

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