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Infographics as a PR, SEO, retention, and acquisition tool

Sometimes the best way to make anything pop out of the marketing white noise is to truly take on topics people are talking about and to use iconic pop culture imagery as a way to expand that reach to new levels. That’s exactly what i did for Top Bet where taking the sports conversation into the pop culture realm brought in some startling results.

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Product Advocacy Management System & Strategic Solution


A major software company has an beautifully complex dilemma: Our main customers love the product so much that they drive most of our sales, even though we don’t pay them to. Wish you had that problem don’t you? Well the main issue at hand is how to nurture this product advocacy and more importantly, evaluate every internal program budgeted to effect increases to that figure. Continue reading

Hyper-Customized Activities for Hi-Tech Conference


Its a definite challenge bringing 500 professionals from all over the world, from an age range as wide as 22 to 55, who’s favourite activities are impossible to decipher because many are intellectual introverts, and where some some extremely conservative interests and some have the wildest fantasies you can imagine. Welcome to the world of Internet Security Professionals, aka Hackers and to Canada’s largest Internet Security Conference: CanSecWest 11.

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CRM program and Web/POS/Email integration application for Venues

Client: In development

Developing a full web-POS-Email integration application will allow most in the hospitality industry to take advantage of key product insights that have not been available to them before. Once completed, the system will allow these business to finally have a direct connection to their customer base, analytics, and track inventory usage.

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Hi-Tech conference planning and production in Amsterdam/Vancouver


Conferences rarely challenge their attendees, nor strive to make their experiences more memorable. Both of these are exceptional referral tools and generate long-term growth as well as increase the brand perception versus your competitors. For the SecWest conference series, I tailored elements of their experience and closing parties to ensure lasting memories and residual returns.

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Product launch & Premiere Event campaign for Benson & Hedges

Client: Benson & Hedges, Caprice, Sonar, Richards

Challenges breed the most powerful solutions. Limited by restrictions on traditional marketing, choosing to connecting directly with the customer in highly charged, highly visceral experiences, would bring the brand more equity than any other option. The Gold Club series took the brand from strictly product to cultural icon by association to the some of the best cultural memories many of the 7500 guests had.

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