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Charitiablize your company to improve PR, employee satisfaction, and to help your community

The Christmas spirit is something we all love and appreciate. It brings us together and inspires each and every one of us to hope and dream of what is possible in even the smallest of actions.

Personally it’s remarkably easy to put these values of doing good into practise. Donating, fundraising, gifts, warm hugs, or well wishes… they all help change the world one action at a time.  Seeing these opportunities to take that extra step, attend that one awareness-building event, or rallying your contacts for a cause all turn up once we stat looking for them.

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Lots changes over two years but the marketing rules only get clearer

No posts in two years and all I have to show for it is this really out-of-date blog!

While some things haven’t changed (I can tend to be very verbose), the last two years have really helped bring a clarity to community building, and most importantly to how to be less pompous. A major theme throughout this period has engagement and connecting people through their passions.

In my personal world much of this revolved around bringing awareness and supporting the great work of others related to community-engagement, the political process, the environment, human rights. Through the many amazing speakers, events, and experiences, some lights have definitely started to turn on upstairs to what drives me and what true engagement is built on.

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Revitalizing culture and industry without protest, hate, or polarization

We’re living in a time of growing resolve. From right-wing groups decreeing that socialism has swept the capitalistic agenda, to wishing defiance against a financial structure which undermines that every day worker, to the Middle East striving to experience the same dreams that everyone has been grow up hoping for, and food shortage protests often being unreported in many other regions, this is a time when people’s voices are rising around the world.

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Why your Social Business will be hit. Pt. 2

As we covered in part 1 of Why your Social Business will be a hit, the future is not about more ways to connect with your customers. The future is about building a synergy between your products/services, your customers, and your employees. The future is about building a business that defines a social ecosystem build on mutual innovation, insights, and real-time feedback. Make your customers happier, engage your staff to new levels, and shift a company into a community.

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Why your Social Business will be hit

Yes, ‘The Social Network’ dominated headlines in 2010 with Facebook, Twitter, and the Academy Award-winning film grabbing headlines for everything from starting political revolutions, changing the way we use language, privacy concerns, and the over-bearing psyche of its fragile founder.

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Hit the Corporate Jackpot with Contests

Contests and sweepstakes may have been your parents weekly routine along with buying cigarettes and catching a ballgame but today they are one of the most savvy marketing tools businesses have available.  Even more important, contests and sweepstakes can act as the most cost-effective customer insight, loyalty, and social media tool within your corporate retention strategy.

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Customer Retention Strategy: Innovation

Everyone that I work with comes to me to solve for a very key business purpose: we want to increase our business’ revenue without increasing our budget.

As contradictory as this may be, the reality is this: every business either must invest in infrastructure that redefines and optimizes each essential element of the customer experience to drive down budgetary marketing spends in the future, or define operational costs that drive customer retention. Continue reading

Think Architecture. Re-Think Marketing.


There’s always been a clear cultural indicator of a society’s full spectrum of aspirations, decadence, injustices, and iconic moments. Before the printed word, Da Vinci and Palladio’s architectural monuments made those statements, but since the 1960s, Marketing has encompassed all of these ethereal qualities.

Interior of Rome's Pantheon

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How to improve customer loyalty during a recession

Even with recent up-ticks in the economic data, you know your business can do better and you need to do everything possible to increase your sales. Tough times demand tough solutions… well not really. The solution I always advocate for and consistently see the best results coming from: improving the customer experience; maximizing customer strategic programs. Figure out your customer and you’ll figure out your business.

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4 Steps to Getting (or Keeping) Your Business on the Right Track

As included on CityMax Blog this week


In this gloom and doom economy, every small business owner is looking for ways to slash their bottom line while growing their business. Who wouldn’t want to keep their costs down, increase profits, and boost loyalty among their customer base?
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