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Infographics as a PR, SEO, retention, and acquisition tool

Sometimes the best way to make anything pop out of the marketing white noise is to truly take on topics people are talking about and to use iconic pop culture imagery as a way to expand that reach to new levels. That’s exactly what i did for Top Bet where taking the sports conversation into the pop culture realm brought in some startling results.

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Lots changes over two years but the marketing rules only get clearer

No posts in two years and all I have to show for it is this really out-of-date blog!

While some things haven’t changed (I can tend to be very verbose), the last two years have really helped bring a clarity to community building, and most importantly to how to be less pompous. A major theme throughout this period has engagement and connecting people through their passions.

In my personal world much of this revolved around bringing awareness and supporting the great work of others related to community-engagement, the political process, the environment, human rights. Through the many amazing speakers, events, and experiences, some lights have definitely started to turn on upstairs to what drives me and what true engagement is built on.

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Revitalizing culture and industry without protest, hate, or polarization

We’re living in a time of growing resolve. From right-wing groups decreeing that socialism has swept the capitalistic agenda, to wishing defiance against a financial structure which undermines that every day worker, to the Middle East striving to experience the same dreams that everyone has been grow up hoping for, and food shortage protests often being unreported in many other regions, this is a time when people’s voices are rising around the world.

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The Marketing and Strategic Trends for 2011

What’s 2011 going to look like for your business and what new marketing trends will key your success this upcoming year? They’re the sort of questions every business poses itself, especially considering the majority of owners are going from a soft financial year to a much more optimistic one. has compiled their list of ‘Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011,’ so let’s take a look at those and see how we can start earning your business more money. Continue reading

How social media is changing the CEO position

Social Media and the rise of the ‘network society’ continue to fuel the futurists in all of us. The facts are undeniable about the surging use and the promise that it brings is re-defining culture today.

One of the most notable pieces on this was based on Erik Qualman’s work:

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