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Infographics as a PR, SEO, retention, and acquisition tool

Sometimes the best way to make anything pop out of the marketing white noise is to truly take on topics people are talking about and to use iconic pop culture imagery as a way to expand that reach to new levels. That’s exactly what i did for Top Bet where taking the sports conversation into the pop culture realm brought in some startling results.

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Product Advocacy Management System & Strategic Solution


A major software company has an beautifully complex dilemma: Our main customers love the product so much that they drive most of our sales, even though we don’t pay them to. Wish you had that problem don’t you? Well the main issue at hand is how to nurture this product advocacy and more importantly, evaluate every internal program budgeted to effect increases to that figure. Continue reading

Targeted sports content & email marketing strategy


Email marketing is commonly misunderstood and overused in the most ineffective way. With essential research, and re-focusing of the strategic objectives, and an aim to personalize for the sake of greater returns, email can become your most effective marketing tool. In revamping how email was used at Bodog, the customers gained value and the client earned higher retention rates along with ROI.

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