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The best messaging

Often the best email your company will ever think about it is the one you never plan on sending.

The best social media post will usually not even try to promote your company.

Successful companies are the ones that treat their customers with a level of respect and appreciation equal to the bartender who knows when to recommend a drink based on your mood and when small talk is exactly what you need.

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Think Architecture. Re-Think Marketing.


There’s always been a clear cultural indicator of a society’s full spectrum of aspirations, decadence, injustices, and iconic moments. Before the printed word, Da Vinci and Palladio’s architectural monuments made those statements, but since the 1960s, Marketing has encompassed all of these ethereal qualities.

Interior of Rome's Pantheon

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Using Marketing White Noise in your favour

Even one of the brightest minds in the world of strategist branding pointed it out: we’re in an “Era of White Noise.” While he might not be ready to accept the idea that media today is flawed, Noah Brier, is one of the brightest minds in developing Internet cross-channel strategies that turn inept mid-Twentieth Century direct mail concepts and turn them into truly community or micro-community programs. His claim to fame is the Brand Tags project which researches brand perception based on immediate impression. What do you feel about the hundreds of brands you see on a daily basis, if only given seconds? While it’s power is of most value to the brands that emphatically wish to change their perception amongst the masses, the experiment in reality is an analysis of which brands have strong enough connections to your lives, so as not to be lost in the white noise that is the average daily life that’s flooded by 3000 brand impressions.

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