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Why your Social Business will be hit. Pt. 2

As we covered in part 1 of Why your Social Business will be a hit, the future is not about more ways to connect with your customers. The future is about building a synergy between your products/services, your customers, and your employees. The future is about building a business that defines a social ecosystem build on mutual innovation, insights, and real-time feedback. Make your customers happier, engage your staff to new levels, and shift a company into a community.

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Product Advocacy Management System & Strategic Solution


A major software company has an beautifully complex dilemma: Our main customers love the product so much that they drive most of our sales, even though we don’t pay them to. Wish you had that problem don’t you? Well the main issue at hand is how to nurture this product advocacy and more importantly, evaluate every internal program budgeted to effect increases to that figure. Continue reading

The 3 Levels of Automated Marketing Architecture

Architecture is fascinating. From it’s inter-weaving constructs, to its cultural influence, and how materials interlink in varying styles to create artistic forms with purpose, Architecture is one of the most complex hand-made achievements of humanity. It took until I left architecture school to finally understand one of it’s most complex dimensions, the 6th dimension for some, is the complexity that links business demands, legislation, and cost controls with form. In this complexity, the inspiration exists that will make even the smallest of marketing teams able to manage tens of thousands of customers.

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